Brow Lamination + Tint


RefectoCil Lash & Brow Booster – use this lash growth serum for at least 6 weeks prior to your appointment, if you have lashes too short to lift or perm. If you are using a lash lift serum, it is highly suggested to completely stop using 24hrs before your lash service.

Make-up – Please arrive at your appointment with a clean face. No makeup around the eye brow area. Including but not limited to brow makeup, foundations, powders and styling gels. 


First 24 Hrs –  Do not wet your brow or apply brow make-up for at least 24 hours after every lash or brow appointment, as it will affect your results.

RefectoCil Styling Gel – The unique formula protects tint color, and perm and lamination in place so that your look appears natural and fresh. 

RefectoCil Care Balm – is the ideal night care after colouring, but you should allow 24 hours to pass, as the high fat content of the Care Balm could negatively influence the colouration result. Coloured hair needs care. How about coloured eyelashes and eyebrows? 

They also need care. For this there is the RefectoCil Care Balm, our intensive treatment for the night with castor oil. With the Styling Gel, the daily care, unruly hairs can be brushed in shape. At the same time, it provides colour protection and care. 

Re-tinting – will be required to keep the new color fresh. Most clients need to re-tint every 3-4 weeks.

A problem – Contact your technician if you experience any ill effects with your lashes from the procedure performed. 


Why should the eyebrows not be coloured after using self-tanning agents? 

We do not recommend this, as a yellowish discoloration of the skin may result. 

Which colour will suit me best? 

The eyebrow colour should be selected according to the skin type and always reflect a colour aspect of the hair colour.

I have red hair. What is the best way to customize her brows? 

For red accents, we simply mix some red with the desired colour or dye with pure red if a pronounced result is desired.

I have blonde hair. Which eyebrow color fits best? 

For a natural look, the brows should always be 2 shades darker than the head hair. 

Contrast Brows are ideal for a dominant and eye-catching look.

Which colours are particularly suitable for discreetly emphasizing the brows on men? Graphite and light brown are especially recommended for the discreet accentuation of men’s brows! 

Are RefectoCil colours and the Oxidant Cream & Liquid vegan? 

Yes, the products are vegan, i.e. they do not contain any raw materials of animal origin. 

Are RefectoCil products tested on animals? 

No. All our products are developed and tested without animal testing in accordance with the regulations of the EU Cosmetics Directive. 

Where are RefectoCil products manufactured? 

The products are produced in Austria