The Inspiration Behind Huemetics Artistry and Skin Food Facial

October 3, 2022 5:45 pm .

My interview with Amethyst followed by a wonderful facial . 

Desiree Legree 

Blog Editor || Esthetics / Skin Care

Huemetics Artistry



During my recent visit to Huemetics Artistry, in Anaheim, California, I did a vlog or video blog with Amethyst. I documented her journey in the world of skin care and the opening of her spa studio. She touched on some of the trials she faced and overcame. We welcome you to visit the link below, and listen in on her interview! 

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Founder of Huemetics Artistry Shares Her Journey 

Origin of Inspiration

Amethyst begins the interview by reviewing her academic years. First, she graduated from Orange County High School of the Arts and then The Academy of Musical and Dramatic Arts, where she earned her degree in voice and acting. Following graduation, she worked at several movie studios in the LA area, including Sony, CBS, Warner Bros. After a few years as an aspiring actress and no “big break”, she made a right turn on her career path and went back to school to become an esthetician. This career choice was motivated by her struggles with mild to severe acne and combination skin. Combination skin consists of dry and oily skin. This often occurs with the T-zone area of the face being oily (across the forehead, nose, and chin), while the cheeks remain dry. Amethyst told me that she felt she had tried everything, but nothing truly was clearing her acne successfully. As a black woman, she found it very difficult to find a skin care professional with a background and clientele in treating skin of color. This is due to a lack of skin care knowledge within esthetics, relative to African American skin. Certificate in hand, she began immediately to put her knowledge into practice, working at related services including med spa and salon, medical office, wax center, lash studio  and wellness center. This work experience allowed her to continue her education through on the job training and master her skills in the areas of waxing and chemical peels. All of this provided the foundation for opening her skincare salon.      

A couple of factors posed challenges for Amethyst, like perfecting the utilization of hard wax, especially for brazilian waxes. She admits that it was pretty nerve wracking in the beginning to wax intimate areas. But nevertheless, with time she perfected her craft! After starting her business in 2019, a real life challenge struck at the very outset; COVID 19 hit her hard, as wqs the case for many businesses around the country. She realized, very early, that she had to get creative quickly if she wanted to not only save her business but also grow her business. It was pretty tough with the constant back and forth mandates of opening & closing public facilities. At the time, there were many doubts with great uncertainty. After too many state and local orders to shut down, she asked “How long will it be before I can reopen my business indefinitely?” 

After brainstorming effective advertising strategies, Amethyst focused her energy on repping her brand. Since everything reverted to online platforms during the pandemic, this was the perfect time to expand her network and grow her audience. She went to work utilizing platforms such as zoom and social media, hosting classes to educate potential and recurring clients through creating workshops, conducting consultations, and skin care coaching. When the time came to reopen, her clientele skyrocketed!  

After almost 10 months of back and forth openings and closures, she reopened Sparkling SkinCare by Amethyst at the end of 2021, now known as Huemetics Artistry.

The Skin Food Facial

If you struggle with post-acne scarring, or other aspects of pigmentation you may benefit from the Skin Food Facial. I had the chance to experience this service under the hands of Amethyst, and I will certainly tell you, it was very relaxing! This facial consists of fruit enzymes that exfoliate the skin, allowing for a more replenished and glowing skin appearance. It is also ideal for soon to be mothers! As listed on the website, the facial begins with a cleanse followed by a toner. Next, the steamer was turned on, which is a very calming aspect of this facial. Steam along with a raspberry peach enzyme mask assists in pore expansion in order to best clear out unwanted impurities. Steam is the perfect preparation step for extractions, which follows.  After receiving extractions with an extractor, bacteria was wiped away with a willow bark based astringent, and next came a device called High Frequency. High Frequency (HF) is an electrode that emits argon gas. High frequency can have many usages, but for my purpose it killed bacteria and aided in healing my pores after extractions. Extractions & High Frequency is an Add-On service that you can add to your Skin Food Facial. Next she followed with a Strawberry Spearmint Mask, made with kaolin clay to absorb excess oil without drying the skin out. This one hour facial is then finished with a hydrating toner, selected serum, moisturizer, and SPF. Sunscreen is one of the most important steps in a facial due to how easily the sun can damage the skin post treatment. 

I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed this facial. Not only did my skin feel enliven and refreshed but the Raspberry Peach Enzyme and Strawberry Spearmint Mask was an aromatic delight. You will want to taste it, but don’t! Unfortunately, it’s not for taste consumption Lol. The Skin Food Facial is a customized facial to meet your skin care needs. You can book this facial for $95 and (add-on) Extractions with High Frequency $20 at gratuity is included in the pricing of all services. 

Huemetics Artistry has a variety of tasty enzymes and masks for every skin type and most skin conditions. See below for some Autumn & Winter favorites.

In This Season!

Enzymes: Blueberry, Cherry, Pomegranate, Pumpkin-Orange

Masks: Golden Honey, Charcoal Purity, Goji Berry Yogurt 

Also available

Enzymes:Raspberry Peach, Coconut/ Papaya, Lemon Zest,

Masks: Seaweed, Strawberry-Spearmint