Dermaplane: Results for Instant Glowing Skin

September 26, 2022 9:00 am .

Is it right for you? Let us help you clarify your purpose for Dermaplaning.

Desiree Legree 

Blog Editor || Esthetics / Skin Care

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What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplane or Dermaplaning provides your skin with a cleansed and revitalized look. Dermaplaning rids the top layer of your skin, more formally known as the epidermis. Think of it as a thorough flushing and exfoliation of the skin. This process, now a stand alone treatment, began as preparation for chemical peels, laser treatments, light therapy, and other aesthetic procedures. The most prominent demand of dermaplaning stems from the dreaded scarring of acne. Removing dead skin fades scars and makes way for bright glowing skin.

What’s in it For Me?

If you’re looking to preserve the vitality of your skin, this may be for you! Dermaplaning is carefully designed to resurface the newest layers of the skin by utilizing a sterilized blade, so as to maintain the youthful appearance we all desire. With this procedure, many benefits are welcomed, from reduction in wrinkles and fine lines, to overall brighter more even toned skin. Here is a bonus! Your makeup application goes on real smooth! This is due to removing peach fuzz along with the dead skin. Dermaplane also allows for an increase in ingredient retention for your skin. As the surface of your skin becomes healthier, it creates better access to thoroughly penetrate the skin.

Not only is Dermaplaning a painless experience, but is has a conveniently short down time, as in No Down Time! After treatment, you can continue on with your daily life. Just be sure to wear sunscreen, a hat, and follow the guidance of your skin care pro.

CAUTION!: We have a cautionary note for you. Most skin care professionals, such as licensed estheticians and dermatologists, advise that you do not try dermaplaning at home. Instead, they strongly recommend that you opt for professional treatments. Trained professionals, who use use quality tools and protocols are best recommend to achieve great lasting results. 

Home Dermaplaning, Say No

Amethyst breaks down the disadvantages of Dermaplaning at home. 

It is vital to be weary of over the counter dermaplaning tools. Quality is a major concern. There is potential for inflictions on the skin, if the blade is not professional grade. A non-durable blade can potentially damage the skin. Not to mention, it takes a licensed professional to assess the skin correctly. Results may consist of cuts, tears, and dark bruise marks. This type of damage tends to have an extended healing process. The equipment needed for this service requires intricate, careful, and efficient handling of the skin.

Dermaplaning, is an instant result treatment. You should see improvement immediately after each session. Taking before and after pictures at your appointment, will allow you to see changes for your skin.

Want to Learn More?

The following link will provide before and after care dermaplaning recommendations, as well as diagrams on “Things to Avoid” and “When to Dermaplane”, (instructions provided by DermaplanePro). Amethyst is certified professional of DermaplanePro.

Before & After Care: 

Considering Dermaplane?

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