Esthetician… Not a Magician!

November 21, 2022 9:00 am .

Don’t let your preconceived notions of skincare go wild.

Desiree Legree 

Blog Editor || Esthetics / Skin Care

Huemetics Artistry


Trust, We Understand

Typically, when it’s time to take care of business, don’t we all want for things to go according to plan? For example, let’s say you make a reservation for your child’s birthday at an extravagant venue, you would expect the host to carry out the itinerary as assigned. In another example, if you make a withdrawal at an ATM, you would expect the machine to dispense the exact amount requested. Nevertheless, we all know that life does not always deliver according to plan. Sometimes you have to take a loss and make lemonade. 

Well the same goes for skin care. While it is right to seek out your esthetician for personal skin care goals, we must understand that estheticians are there to coach us through those goals. This means understanding that everyone’s skin is unique. We all have our own genetic makeup. I know it’s easier said than done, but we must not automatically blame our estheticians when our skin overreacts to a skincare product or treatment. Estheticians have to get to know our skin, and sometimes that takes a series of treatments to see progression. For many people, the skin requires being conditioned and accustomed to professional skin care. If you have acne skin, this may mean mentally preparing yourself for the not so fortunate truth. That truth being “Your skin may get worse before you see it get better”. True skin care requires patience, consistency, trial and error. While we all wish there could be one straight narrow path to our skin’s end goal, it’s more like climbing up a mountain while journeying on an up and down hiking trail. Through trial and  minor error, you (and your esthetician) can see what does and does not work for your skin! For every spa appointment serviced, your esthetician has learned to know your skin better with implementation of various modalities used to assess your skin.                                                                                           

The Real Myth

Adding to the Magician Esthetician illusion, there is a misconception that finding the perfect regimen is all that is needed to achieve great skin. It is important to remember that food can also be our best medicine. Remember the phrase “you are what you eat”? Well, in a non-literal, (but almost literal) sense, we can apply that here! If you would like to refer back to Blog 5, we discussed healthy eating for healthy skin. 

It may take a little more research and observation to understand the skin as it relates to outbreaks, inflammation, oiliness, etc. Start by taking immediate reactions to your skin in terms of diet, exercise, sleep pattern, and daily lifestyle. You may find that you are eating too much starch or fatty foods, maybe you do not wash your linen often enough, or maybe you just need a simple change in your lifestyle for your mental health. Look for the problem origin to discover the solution. 

Furthermore, Don’t Give Up!

Work with your esthetician and create a plan with realistic goals. Schedule a comprehensive consultation, use healthy quality skin care, and if your esthetician says that your moisturizer is adding to your dry skin, don’t use it up, get rid of it. I know the moisturizer may not have been cheap, but your skin care service more than likely cost more, and you don’t want to waste it. Together you can create plans for improvement.