Once You Wax, Why Look Back?

October 31, 2022 9:00 am .

Pull, Lift, & Take Off with Waxing

Desiree Legree 

Blog Editor || Esthetics / Skin Care

Huemetics Artistry



We all know that as women, it can be difficult to feel comfortable in our natural bodies. Even if you are comfortable, you may feel judged for embracing your natural You. Trust, there is nothing wrong with that! Over the past several decades, we have seen major advancements in skin care products and technology. The industry is always on the incline, and with the rising beauty market comes pressure. Pressure to fit in with beauty standards, and not feel judged by our peers.  Women and men too, will forever be judged by outward beauty appearances. So if you like to rock hairy under arms, do you!! But for the rest of us…Let’s talk about hair removal.

Hair removal such as waxing has grown in significant popularity over the past 15 years. Amethyst tells me that she remembers when she was in her early twenties, most ladies she knew never waxed outside of having their eyebrows shaped. Now at 34, she says that it is very common that young adult women seek out professional hair removal services. Amethyst points out the rise in wax centers, laser centers, sugarists, electrology, and all the professional skin care companies that have popped up all over Orange County, CA within the last decade. Hair removal is definitely a service in demand. 

Huemetics Artistry hair removal of choice is waxing. Regular waxing reduces ingrown hairs, acne bumps, shaving lesions, and other skin irritations. Women with sensitive skin or inflammation may frequent these inconveniences in their private area when they shave. Amethyst recommends giving waxing a try at least 3-4 times for significant skin improvement. 

The Truth about Waxing

Lets get honest. Does waxing hurt? Yes it does. Is it unbearable, for most people, no it is not. Do I need a numbing cream? You can use a cream, yes, but most people don’t find numbing cream to be necessary. The thing about waxing is, the more you wax the easier it becomes. So if you are considering your first wax appointment, don’t make your first and final judgment call after the first service. Like Amethyst mentioned before, give it another 3-4 go-arounds, especially for bikini waxing services. After service, it is imperative that you do not wear tight clothing. Allow your skin to breathe and remain calm.Your esthetician may apply a calm lotion or serum with such ingredients as Aloe, Azulene, Hyaluronic Acid, Tea Tree, Vitamin E, Grapeseed, and Chamomile among others to soothe the skin. Remember to wash with gentle mild soaps, and use non-abrasive pressure while cleaning the skin at home (i.e, avoiding exfoliation directly after waxing). When transitioning to waxing, you will notice the results last longer than when shaving. Arms and leg hairs may be free for 10-15 days before needing another wax, and for underarms and intimate areas that may be 4-6 weeks. Hair becomes thinner over time when waxing consistently. 


In my personal opinion, shaving takes so much more time, energy, caution and effort. It is not as fair a trade off as waxing results. At times I experience discomfort as hair grows back, and I tend to become impatient as I shave. I encourage you, if you have never tried waxing before to give it a fair shot. Not just 1 time, but 3 or 4 times. Once again, it gets easier. And if you have tried waxing before but had an unpleasant experience, then seek out a top pro waxer like Amethyst at Huemetics Artistry. Read on to learn more about pre-and-post care waxing guidelines by clicking here.