Welcome to Huemetics Artistry

September 19, 2022 9:00 am .

Amethyst Legree: “I love helping people … through
skincare. That gives me the greatest joy!”

This seasoned professional has a niche for skincare that’s enriched the lives of many!
Desiree Legree
Blog Editor || Esthetics / Skin Care
Huemetics Artistry

Meet the Editor

Hey there! My name is Desiree Legree. I’ll be working with your favorite esthetician for the next 10 weeks as part of a project in the category of communications and public relations! I am a Psychology student at the University of Indianapolis. This project will allow me to gain insight on personal branding, (social media) marketing, interpersonal involvement and more, so as to apply these skills in the field of
Industrial/Organizational Psychology.

Welcome to Huemetics Artistry

Huemetics Artistry, (formerly known as Sparkling SkinCare by Amethyst), is currently expanding its services to include a more comprehensive menu of skincare services. Amethyst is growing her brand and has so much in store for those desiring to fall in-love with their skin again or possibly for the first time! Together, we’ve formulated a Q&A based on Amethyst’s experience and passion as an esthetician. Let’s dive right into the Q&A so that you will have a feel for why she believes that her services are
so very important to one’s health, wellbeing and happiness and why she is so
passionate about this subject!

The image below depicts the interior of Amethyst’s studio salon, and to the right, a glimpse of her skincare line also named “SkinCare by Amethyst”!

The picture to the left features the esthetician table, a work station in the back, and even a retro fridge stocked with beverages.

Background Q&A

When was Huemetics Artistry founded?

Sparkling SkinCare by Amethyst opened its door about three years ago. Because of a number of restrictions on its operation, caused by the coronavirus pandemic shutdowns, I was forced to move my salon three times during this period. My current location is in a new building in downtown Anaheim, CA. At this beautiful location, where there are many complementary businesses, such as a coffee shop, services began under the new company name, Huemetrics Artistry, in August of this year. This rebranding represents plans to make a wider marketing appeal.   

Why aesthetics? What drove you to this area of specialty?

My own skin condition gave me the motivation to enter this area of personal skincare.. Growing up, like a lot of people, I had terrible acne. From about age 12 to about 24, when I entered beauty school, I was fighting acne. I wanted to help others who were having the same experience. This is especially so for those with skin of color because I had a hard time finding the right physician or esthetician to treat not only my acne, but my PIH (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation), which are dark spots left over from the acne. 

How much experience have you had?

I’ve been in the game for 8 years now. It’s crazy, in 2 years I’ll be able to celebrate my 10th anniversary in the business. That’s awesome!

What about skin care is most important to you?

Having good or bad skin care can add or take away from a person’s self-esteem. With proper skin care and good skin, one stands a little taller, he/she holds their chin a little higher, and walks more confidently. With a bad skin condition and skin care, one may slouch a little more and walk with their head down, feeling shy, and vulnerable because of their outward appearance and the unfortunate judgment they may receive from others. I love helping people feel great about themselves, through their skin care. That gives me the greatest joy!

With the rebranding you recently made, what brought you to make this move?

Yes. Honestly just a brand new location, with great aesthetics. By aesthetics, of course I mean the design and interior of the location. My studio suite is at the main entrance of the salon suites and fairly soon you will see my logo on my suite window, which will be seen as you walk through the main entrance. This will give me greater visibility, which I really like. Everything is new and aesthetically pleasing at my new location, and I’m not far from my last location, just across the street, which is great for my current and new clients, some of whom come from this neighborhood.   

What are your most popular services? What drives clients to come to you?

Chemical peels and Brazilian waxing are definitely in the greatest demand. People google search those two services, and they seek me out for those services. Brazilian waxing is done all year long. My chemical peels are performed mostly October – June, because of the sun rays. I have a variety of chemical peels, but I do offer two light peels during the summer season, called “Micro Peel” and “NoPeel Peel”. 

What are your favorite services?

Oooh this can be a tough one! I’d have to say my most popular services, I love. They are the bread and butter of my business, but I am loving Hydro-Dermabrasion which I introduced over this past summer. It’s similar to Micro-Dermabrasion, which I also offer, but unlike MicroDerm, it is a serum infused treatment designed for all skin types. Dermaplane is something new and legal to California Estheticians as of this year. Dermaplane is expanding for me. I love it because the results are literally instant. And I’m also very excited about my newest facials for skin brightening – “Glo Brite Facial”, “Ultra Vita-C Illumination” and “24K Ageless Glo” all created by me with the best in skin brightening ingredients.  

Do you apply your knowledge of skincare to yourself/others? How has it helped you/those around you?

Oh, I most certainly have to do this. People judge you as an esthetician by your own skin health. My skin is not perfect but it is very real, and I can confidently say that after years of acne and acne scars, I feel my skin is beautiful, and when I say my skin is real, let me take a moment to explain that. For decades we had a false sense of what skin is supposed to look like 24/7. It’s this instagram porcelain filter that makes you look like a high fashion model all the time, but even high fashion models experience breakouts, some even have acne and PIH. When I say my skin is real, I’m sayin’ that it is a living organ. It’s literally alive, with living organisms working each and every hour. Sometimes we are going to have a breakout, and that should not be the end of the world. Our approach should be to follow proper protocol with guidance from a skin care professional, and then just go on about our day. So back to me, lol, I’ve seen significant improvement from my acne days. My texture is all smoothed out, PIH is waaaaaay down, and I can rock a glowing natural appearance.

What about your profession makes you most proud or keeps you motivated?

I just love seeing my business grow. I have my family backing and that is very significant to me. My parents and siblings are supportive and so are my extended family, even with most of them living on the other side of the country. They place skincare orders from me and I am very thankful. I absolutely could not do this without the very positive responses from my clients, reviews, referrals, repeat services and product orders.. They rock! I couldn’t keep it going without them, especially through covid pandemic restrictions. 

What are your toughest challenges during a booked period? Toughest challenges in general? (Client/service wise)

Probably making time for administrative work. That is the one thing that is not taught enough in beauty school. I think a lot of small business owners had to figure out a routine that works for them in a timely manner. 

What are some short/long term goals that you have for your business? 

Starting my new skin care for skin brightening, “Huemetics”;  I’m working on that. That’s going to be huge, and I have a couple more additions that I will announce when the time is right. 

How can people book with you?

Clients can make an appointment with me at vagaro.com/huemeticsartistry. For questions, you can reach out to me on Instagram or Facebook @huemeticsartistry, and by phone call/text (714) 388 6468.

New and Upcoming

In addition to your curiosity and experience as a client, I will be paying the lovely Amethyst a visit to her studios in Anaheim, California, (sooo excited!!) to film and capture a day in the life of her work! In these segments we will get to see the reality behind the passion. 

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Finally, Yet Importantly… 

While I’m here, my overall purpose will be to inform you all on some of the science, details, concerns, and benefits of a variety of services and products that Huemetics Artistry has (and WILL have!) to offer. Once again, I’m Desiree and I’m extremely thrilled to share my adventure with you all as we dive into the aspect of maintaining and improving your skin care. Hopefully gaining some of the great knowledge Amethyst has acquired over the years. Feel free to share or save this article as we have a vast amount of details to spill just throughout the coming weeks!