What to do about “BackNe” (Acne on the Back)

November 14, 2022 9:00 am .

Really, more acne?? We get it. Learn why this occurs.

Desiree Legree 

Blog Editor || Esthetics / Skin Care

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Psst…! We ‘d love to let you in on another secret. We understand that some of us are already passionate about our facial skin care, and by this point you may have noticed instances of bodily acne as well. I encourage you not to be hard on yourself, but instead, to read along as we identify how you can prevent and/or clear your “backNe”. 

Why is This?

There are quite a few factors that contribute to the formulation of acne on our backs. The buildup of sweat and bacteria from dirty clothes, bedsheets, backpacks, and more can all play its role in this. Our back contains several more sweat glands which can be very noticeable fresh after intense cardio workouts, and other exercises or other physically demanding activities. Everyone’s level of perspiration may not be the same, but typically everyone sweats. When sweat glands, bacteria and oils become locked into your pores, this is where the manifestation of acne occurs. Some of this acne can be a bit more stubborn than the acne you may see on your face. Though it does not differ too much, this acne can appear as inflamed bumps, scarring, and black or white heads. You may also experience significant tenderness when trying to pick at or making contact with your back acne. According to the Mayo Clinic Health System, the reason for this is overactive sebaceous glands. This can be the result of certain medications, changes in the balance of hormones, and possibly even poor hygiene.

Actions to Take

Maintaining a healthy diet can deter these factors more efficiently. As you may have noticed from a few of our previous articles, your diet is one of the most vital aspects that contribute to the improvement and quality maintenance of your overall skin health. Skin care does not just pertain to our face! It can be easy to neglect your back in terms of having the same level of awareness as you would for your face. Changes can be as simple as washing sheets after sweating, regularly washing towels and washcloths, identifying and avoiding certain products that irritate your skin can also make a significant difference. A few over the counter treatments could be that of benzoyl peroxide, azelaic acid, combination products, etc. If you are unsure of how to approach this improvement, be sure to reach out to a health professional to avoid/prevent unwanted outcomes or mistreatment of your skin. Consulting with your esthetician or dermatologist can provide you with more in-depth insight as to the causes of your back acne. 


Though back acne may not be life threatening, it can still be a vital concern for some. The times in which you may want to be truly concerned with your bacne is if you are experiencing high degrees of discomfort or pain, if you suspect that it is being caused by certain prescribed medications, or if you simply are not comfortable with its general existence. No matter what your motive may be, these approaches will be beneficial in helping you maintain reduction in your back acne and overall satisfaction in the long run.

Don’t forget, quality skin care requires patience and consistency. You are not alone in this journey!


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